Fathers Incorporated & Daddy Saturday in the U.S. partner with Dad La Soul in the U.K. to form “Dadifesto” – a Virtual Celebration of Fathers Around the Globe

Kenneth Braswell (CEO, Fathers Incorporated), Justin Batt (Founder, Daddy Saturday) and Dan Flanagan (Founder, Dad La Soul) knew they were onto something when they realized among the three of them, they had significant relationships with dads across the world and they wanted to ‘do something’ to break the mood amidst a global pandemic with COVID19 and the significant protests in the U.S. They came up with an idea to celebrate dads in support and unity around the world with “Dadifesto”, a virtual international Father’s Day celebration that will bring dads of all cultures and races together to celebrate one another with a commitment to creating ‘global citizens’ of their children through intentional parenting.

The global celebration will take place on
Father’s Day, Sunday, June 21st, 11 AM EST/4 PM U.K. GMT+1.
The planned activities include a scavenger hunt, Storytime with a guest author, Lego competition
and special celebrity guest appearances.

There are only 30 tickets left for this event!